Google released its new one last night Stadia Connect dedicated to Google Stadia, its streaming gaming service. Let's find out the most succulent news together.

The first novelty of the mini-conference was the arrival of a new function: the Click to Play. From today players will be able to access any game in their library through a simple link (shared by a friend or their favorite streamer). Although this feature is already present in titles like Crayta, Google has finally introduced this possibility to the whole service.

Speaking of the third-party titles arriving on Stadia, during 2020 they will be available for purchase Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Dead by Daylight, Hitman 3, Hello Neighbor e The Elder Scrolls Online. The latter is already playable and redeemable for free - for a limited period - by users subscribing to Stadia Pro.

As for exclusives, between an Early Access of One hand clapping, a nice adventure based on the use of your own voice, and a Outcasters developed by Splash damage, has finally been released Orcs Must Die 3 complete with launch trailer.

The new chapter in the Tower Defense series is available for both purchase and purchase for free for all subscribers to the Stadia Pro service. Also, for the occasion, the price of the Premiere Edition Stadia was lowered to 99,99 €.

Not quite as exciting as a presentation, but at least Stadia now has a few more cartridges to shoot.