Death Stranding he highlighted an apocalyptic world, where America was divided and where people were struggling to move, with the "bellboys" the only ones to face kilometers of walking. When the Covid-19 led us to live in the quarantine period, many have seen of the similarities with the game of Hideo Kojima, so much to think that the author knew of the disease and that he had published the game in that period specifically.

A reply to these hypotheses is Kojima himself, declaring of don't be a prophet and that if he knew he would create a game that would sell much more.

Even in the past, with Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, there had been the same assumptions made with Death Stranding, but we struggle to think that the Japanese genius foresees the future.

However, the observation on the creation of a game that would sell more: that Kojima, down below, is still not satisfied with the sales of Death Stranding?