Unlock stronger animals, activate new animal perks and even more in this enchanting update

LOS ANGELES– (BUSINESS WIRE) -Mabinogi, the new free fantasy MMORPG by Nexon will receive the fabulous new update of “PET"On July 16th! Following the introduction of the hairy animals of Mabinogi in the update of "My Little Pet", the world of Erinn is changing with the addition of powerful Fynn Pets.

The recent "My Little Pet" update has increased the activities of the animals who undertake expeditions to explore the world of Erinn, while the PET update challenges players with a new animal training talent to discover the power of Fynn and try to unlock animals Fynn stronger.

To unlock Fynn Pets, players must synchronize the main animal with the other animals using Fynn Sync. The Fynn Pet will receive the power of Fynn, increasing the maximum level of the animal, the objects available, the summoning time and more! Thanks to the update, players can also defeat monsters to get Fynni gems and make the Fynni buds bloom through the flowering ability Fynni to obtain a animal Fynni. Fynni animals can accompany players similar to other animals and can be used for Fynn Sync.

I advantages of existing animals they will also be renewed to increase efficiency. In addition, all animals will now be able to use a set of new powerful animal benefits, including:

  • Wild Frenzy: Increases an animal's minimum, maximum, and critical damage over a specified period of time while the advantage is active. An additional attack that will reach various enemies within a certain target radius.
  • Frozen Earth: Frozen fynni gather and play while an animal covers the ground with a layer of ice. Frozen Finns remain attached to nearby enemies while the ability is activated, stunning them and causing damage.
  • Wings of Haste: speeds up an animal's ability for a certain period of time while it is active. It also increases the speed of the pet owner.

During the Capybara fur harvest and aid to Heulfryn, players will meet particular children, Pinkie e Katell. They talk about the secrets of the Fynni hidden in animals and monsters, as well as how to control them through the power of Fynn. Find out more on Mag Mell, the eternal resting place of fairies.

Fynn animals add another magical element to the already enchanting world of Mabinogi, while players use special animal skills and perks that can be activated during various battles in the world of Erinn and more.

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