Pokémon GO was invaded by the two historic members of Team Rocket. Here's how to find the loved / hated Jessie and James in the mobile title.

The two tragicomic characters are now featured in the mobile title of Niantic Labs, but how to find and defeat them? As shown in the short trailer below, you will first need to locate the balloon of the GO Rocket team (so renamed for the occasion), and at this point the real fight will begin.

You will be able to face one of the two members of the criminal group led by Giovanni, with no choice between Jessie and James. The fight will not be very complex, remaining on the same difficulty as the recruits, but it will unlock good rewards: defeating James you can get a Chromatic koffingwhile knocking down Jessie you will have the opportunity to catch chromatic Ekans.

The success of Pokémon GO shows no sign of stopping also thanks to the continuous support of Niantic Labs.