Lucca Comics will be done. The announcement was given yesterday July 10, by Emanuele Vietina, director of the nerd fair among the largest in the world, and has swept away the worries due to the coronavirus emergency. The dates are the usual, between October and November, from 29 to 1 to be precise. 

Obviously the formula with which the event will be held is completely different from that of past years. The fair will have to ensure adequate spaces and safety distances to avoid becoming a pandemic diffusion center. The availability of tickets to access the pavilions will therefore be drastically reduced, and all events will be relocated in order to avoid gatherings.

No oceanic crowds to which we are accustomed therefore, but Lucca Comics has no intention of scaling down for this. The fair will integrate events in the city with other initiatives both online and through traditional media, TV and radio. As has happened in the past, Rai, in particular radio 2, will collaborate with Lucca Comics to tell the rest of Italy about the initiatives of the fair.

The initiatives involving the network could not be missing. The organizers of Lucca have decided to broadcast some events via streaming with premium packages, which will allow access to previews and screenings.

Finally, Lucca Comics and Games will spread throughout the national territory with i Campfire. The major comic shops in the country will host related events special contents and releases of the moment, in direct line with the activities carried out in Lucca.

The Vietina director said:

“The dialogue with the community, publishers, partners and authors, aimed at identifying the needs to which the festival responds, has served to reinforce the idea that the challenge is that with the concept of the event we are used to."

With the new format Lucca therefore responds to both the challenge of Coronavirus and to that launched indirectly from Milan in February, when it was announced the union in one fair of Cartoomics and Games Week.