Valuing has announced the release of its first set of skins, Elderflame. Buying it will allow you to transform your weapons, both at a distance and close together, into dragons.

It also starts on Riot shooter therefore the skin market. Will be available cfive levels of skin, Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive, but the skin itself was not the subject of the discussion immediately after the announcement, but the price.

Removing the Exclusive, the price of which varies, the most expensive level, the Ultra, amounts to 2475 Valorant Points for a single skin. VPs can be purchased in several packages ranging from 475 VPs for $ 5 to 11000 VPs for $ 100. The cheapest way to buy a single skin is by purchasing 475 VP for $ 5 plus 2050 VP for $ 20.

As noted by Joe Lee, responsible for monetizing Valorant, on Twitter, the package that contains all four new skins would go to cost a hundred dollars. 

But this is only the beginning. The skins have in fact further levels of changes that can be unlocked with the Radianite, another currency that can be purchased either through the Battle Pass or through the VP. With this coin you can unlock additional small skin animations. In short, $ 100 is just the entrance ticket.

The skins they offer no gameplay advantage and are therefore completely optional. In past years, however, we have learned how much aesthetics are taken into account by video gamers, especially in free to play games. If you have $ 100 to invest in the appearance of your weapons, the skins are already available from July 10th.