Pikachu it is the most known Pokémon in the world, the symbol of the series and a real mascot in any marketing and merchandising campaign. Everyone loved him right away for his funny and tender appearance, an electric mouse with nice verses. Yet there was the possibility that Pokémon # 25 was quite different.

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of The Pokémon Company, during a recent interview in fact, he told a nice and absurd anecdote: the American division of TPC, at the time of the creation of Pikachu, had sent some proposals including one in which the Pokémon was a tiger with two big boobs.

These are the words of Ishihara:

The American staff sent us some proposals for alternative designs. We were incredulous reading their ideas. They wanted a Pikachu like some kind of tiger with two big boobs. He looked like a Cats character, the musical. When I asked him "but how did you think this could be Pikachu?" they replied: "Look, it has a tail ..."

Truly questionable flavors which, fortunately, were not taken into consideration from the Japanese division of The Pokémon Company. What do you say, better not so?