Il fourth free update dedicated to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now available. With the introduction of the new update, the monster was introduced Alatreon, a seasonal event and several corrections to the gameplay.

Get ready to face the Elements, all the elements.

Any self-respecting hunter knows that proper preparation prevents poor performance when hunting. In the face of Alatreon's unstable and elemental nature, even the best-equipped veteran hunters will have their plans and supplies put to the test. Depending on whether the Alatreon has entered the Dragon, Fire or Ice elemental state, every aspiring hunter must change tactics in order to anticipate a devastating number of possible attacks, both from the ground and from the air. Beware, once the Alatreon has prepared its mighty Judgment Escaton attack, only those who are dealing damage with the correct element will be able to help minimize the oncoming shockwave. Hunters who are summers from facing this draconic threat now that it is available should prepare to withstand all the elements, or risk their team coming to rest eternally.

In addition to Alatreon, the new chilling Barioth variant Hardened Frosted will be available to all Iceborne players as part of a limited-time event starting August 7. This new variant of Barioth gives off an icy gust of wind that freezes the ground, making every fight a battle for positional advantage. Even hunters who think they have the upper hand after forcing Frozen Barioth back will need to watch out for the icy breath it emanates as it regains its strength. Those hoping to get the better of this icy fighter should prepare to fight tooth and nail for their chance at victory.

All hunters brave and skilled enough to pass these encounters will be rewarded with materials to craft new high-level Palico gear, weapons, armor with new bonus abilities, and decorative charms.

Il title update in question is available on the versions of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne dedicated to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam.