In the coming weeks on PDVG in collaboration with Premium games we will tell you about several adult titles worthy of your attention, selected by us for you.

Luminol is a game for adults, precisely a visual novel for adults. It is made on the engine Ren'Py (very popular choice for the genre), which takes its name from the mixture of ren'ai, romantic love in Japanese, and Python, the programming language on which it runs. The spread of visual novels has definitely caught on in the West, so much so that most of the thousands of games made are in English.

Luminol was born as a personal project financed thanks to Patreon, gradually expanded (currently up to the eighth chapter) and then localized by Luminol.
The game opens on an incredibly current scenario, the protagonist (in my case called Biggus Dickus) is a capable and enterprising detective, who is in trouble for killing one man and seriously injuring another while trying to thwart a dock robbery. Being able to read in his head we see that he did not shoot to defend himself, but because he explicitly intended to kill one of the two thieves, even if the motive is not yet clear. The chief lieutenant, strangely left Lieutenant in the translation, as if it were a proper name, does not seem to drink his version and suspends him indefinitely from his position. This is already enough to make the game world better than the one we live in. After the grooming we meet one of the three "protagonists" of the game: Sarah, a young and very blond policewoman, ambitious but with healthy principles. And with a big ass.

Immediately after being kicked out of the district, the game offers the first crossroads: go straight home or stop for something at a diner. By choosing the first, the protagonist immediately returns to his wife, a busty woman who looks a lot like Daisy Ridley, otherwise we get to know Rose, a red-haired waitress with actress aspirations and objectively the coolest of the three.

Regardless of our choice, the day will end in the same way: our alter ego will get a blowjob from his wife, but he will not be able to sleep anyway, not so much for the remorse but for the lack of job prospects. This is until he caresses the idea of ​​becoming a private investigator, a fate that seems mandatory for ex-policemen in films and video games.

At this point the morality system of Luminol, who wanting to make a risky comparison is more similar to that of Fable than to what can be found in The Witcher. He doesn't focus so much on grayscale, as on: "Do you want to roleplay as a sex addict or a roughly normal person?" Not that there is anything wrong, you can very well vent such drives in videogame form. If you are the kind of person who enjoys robbing and killing other characters when playing D&D, you will find yourself in your home and at least this time they won't have to put up with 3 other people in the flesh.

The first dilemma we are facing concerns a suspicion of horns, one of the main activities of private investigators both in game and in real life. The alleged cuckold arrives at the office asking to observe the movements of his wife, who lately seems to behave in a strange way. After stalking, his wife is quickly taken to have sex with a gym guy, but he doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic about it. Probably because the guy's penis is literally microscopic. Now you have to choose whether to share the information with your husband, as agreed, or blackmail her to get laid.

Note that the game allows you to save at any time and has a number of slots available on the order of the Googolplex. It should also be noted that the still images are on average of a good level, but the animations, at least for the first chapters, leave something to be desired. The gifs of the first half of the game have the unpleasant tendency to slide into the uncanny valley: characters who discover their teeth in an entirely unnatural way and boobs that bounce defying any law of physics.

The penetration is surprisingly well done, with less interpenetration (lol) than Geralt's beard does in Wild Hunt, and the characters - therefore also the developer - seem aware of the fact that repeatedly hitting the cervix is ​​not a pleasant activity for any of the parties involved. A bit of a mystery as the protagonist's penis, clearly longer than the oral cavity of the partners, manages to enter it entirely when they suck it, but moreover it is not completely clear to me even how it works in real life, so I can't complain too much .

But we don't just live on mouthpieces, so occasionally the focus shifts to the main story, which begins to take shape with a murder in which the thug survivor of our attempted opening murder seems implicated. The victim is a young prostitute and suspicions immediately fall on the creepy neighbor and boyfriend. The police are groping in the dark and mayor candidate Liutenant is willing to call us back as an external consultant to limit image damage. At this point we also have the possibility to direct the investigations, but apart from an optional sex scene, our choice will not influence the outcome much. The story itself is not bad for a porn, there is talk of at least 8-10 hours of content, with ups and downs, but that overall never reaches the lowest levels. Depending on the options selected, however, it is possible to pass even rather long dry periods, or at the opposite extreme, jump from one bed (or table) to the other, therefore from this point of view the pacing of the experience can vary drastically from one chapter to another. The culture of the natives of the island, which seem to be a cross between Irish Celts and Roma with a blood fetish, is a bit bizarre, but I don't think anyone who buys Luminol expects sociological treatises.

The dialogues in Luminol are not exactly "Sorkinians", and thank goodness, because Sorkin does not write dialogues but ridiculous set-ups just to make GOTCHA replicate his characters, like at me. I said, dialogues not exciting but not even written obscenely. Perhaps three quarters of the text is worth mentioning that the game is functionally silent, there is no dubbing for obvious budgetary reasons and the only accompaniment is a little inspired and almost caricatured soundtrack of porn music. If you play it you can safely deactivate it and put whatever you prefer. Personally I do not recommend Joe Rogan's podcast so as not to create involuntary associations.

As already mentioned, in Luminol there is a fair number of women to seduce (or blackmail), but the main ones always remain Katherine, wife, Sarah, former colleague, and Rose, a hot waitress. Although now more than the roles I associate the names with the respective disposition towards the anal: Katherine does not do it and that's it, Sarah does it without too much transport but she knows her chickens, and Rose also likes the anilingus. Did I mention that Rose is objectively the best? At three there is also associated a points system, dependent on the choices made. Honestly I did not understand what it entails at the level of the game, but I can't even say that it is only aesthetic, since by browsing the installation folder I found dozens of scenes that I have not unlocked.

As you can easily see from the image, I neglected Katherine and in the meantime I wondered why I did not make progress with her: I never treated her rudely, I even paid attention during her pallid fantasy-archeology lessons. Then I realized that systematically choosing to spend the day fucking someone who isn't your wife can put even the best of marriages into crisis. And that maybe I'm not as emotionally mature as I thought.
But apparently divorce is not covered in the game world (like venereal diseases, fortunately) and nobody would ever be able to say no to Rose, which is objectively the best of the three.

Globally Luminol was a singular experience: I had never felt the need to watch people fucking for more than 5 minutes in a row. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by certain aspects, in particular by the variety of scenes and some technical details, such as the skin of the characters which has spots and imperfections that make it very realistic. The quality of the sex scenes, especially the gifs, also significantly increases as we move forward, reflecting the clear personal growth of the author as an artist. Much less exciting are the errors in the translation, which are frequent although not very serious but which sometimes make it difficult to understand a few paragraphs; the repetition of the poses in different scenes, it is still the work of a single person; and the mandatory couple swap scene (at least in my playthrough) despite believing I have disabled it. Apparently the option referred to possible cuckholding, not orgy. It could be argued that my wife also has the right to fuck around, but I wasn't expecting so much gender equality in an erotic male game.

At some points the story pulls her a little too long and getting more than 4 hours in a row is not recommended, not to mention that in that case you will have to warn your doctor. If you get tired you can always rummage in the game folder to look for something more stimulating than what is happening on the screen. If you were looking for an erotic / detective game with a supernatural twist worthy of the best hentai Luminol is for you.