It is appropriate to say it, we have always been many but none of us knew it. No, we are not talking about rebels and Jedi who fight the empire (Star Wars docet) but it is the strange case of LEGO fans in Puglia.

Well yes, PugliaBrick it was born just like that, in 2018 thanks to a post on Facebook that
draws the Apulian sailors to attention for a brick-themed exhibition LEGO at Lecce Cosplay & Comics. Five respond to the appeal: Gabriele, Tommaso, Dario, Cesare and Guido. And with such a healthy and genuine passion it was easy to immediately find harmony and understand that with a pinch of commitment, it was finally possible to give life to what no one thought they could achieve here in Apulia!

In fact, in just one year that group of enthusiasts first turned into a large social community of adults and children also from other regions of southern Italy, and then into a real cultural association. And today there are about a hundred young people from all over the Italian territory, who meet every day on the PugliaBrick community and discuss everything related to the world of the most famous bricks in the world.
Despite our fantastic personal creations of various kinds including reproductions of real and fantastic environments and scenographies inspired by castles, robots, cars, cities, pirates, space, films and much more, the activities currently carried out by PugliaBrick they are not only exhibition but also recreational. All members are involved in playful activities for children, in the creation of large play areas and real workshops where they can provide the little ones with the tools they need to better understand the construction game!

PugliaBrick will also be present in upcoming events always in Puglia, and following us on our social channels (Link facebook) you will always be up to date. So if you are passionate too LEGO, do not miss our next exhibitions and you will see a little what we are able to do, we will be able to amaze you!

And from today on “LET'S TALK ABOUT VIDEO GAMESWe are there too. Thanks to this new section, we will be able to tell you who we are, what we do, but above all we will keep you updated on the LEGO news coming out to help you choose or buy a set!
Stay tuned, PugliaBrick from today it is always online!