If you are not aware of the phenomenon Roblox, Well get ready because you're about to enter a world rather delusional. This bootleg mix between the LEGO e Minecraft not only has it created a small niche of fans thanks to its potential memetic, but from today it has become the meeting place for an additional niche: supporters of Donald Trump.

Roblox Hack Account TrumpAccording to a site report Bleeping Computer and hundreds of complaints online, more than 2.000 account they would have been hacked and vandalized with accessories branded with the phrase Make America Great Again. In addition, all profiles present a sentence dedicated to all parents - because we remember, Roblox is a title addressed to an audience of children between 10 and 14 years old - inciting them to vote for the current President of the United States next November 2020.

Are we facing a move that has both the genius and the disturbing at the same time? Yes. Will it affect the outcome of the next election in any way? I doubt it.