In the last hours, confirmation has arrived that Persona 5 The Animation, the anime inspired by the hit RPG of the same name, will be voiced in English. Not only that, the project includes all the original actors, including Joker - who finally got the power to pronounce complete sentences.

The series will be available from 29 September 2020 in blu-ray format, inside a casket which also includes special episodes, a set of illustrated cards and some special content. This news could also open the doors to a possible one dubbing in Italian, considering that Persona 5 Royal has been localized in our language (as opposed to the original). The possibilities are not many at the moment and it all depends on the success of the anime, but we'll see.

Recall that recently 4 Golden Person has landed on Steam and, in the future, other chapters of the series may be ported to PC. At the moment, the game has managed to conquer the most played JRPG title at the moment (excluding MMOs).