The PC player has always had the option of being able to purchase the latest titles released in one reduced price. With Horizon Zero Dawn, Steam has decided to apply a series of drastic measures, which however penalize everyone a little.

Horizon Zero Dawn Steam VPNAccording to ResetERA user Hikari_Ryu, several users of Valve's digital delivery platform allegedly abused - through the usual VPN - the list price of the game, in order to buy the Complete Edition of the ex-exclusive PlayStation at a ridiculously low price. In response, Valve raised the price to recover the economic damage.

For example, if the price of Horizon in Argentina first hovered over 539 pesos ($ 7); currently South American users will have to buy it at a price four times higher.

An effective solution, but which will penalize players who - due to obvious economic difficulties - will not be able to try their hand at Aloy's first adventure.