Inside Criterion - English studio creator of the series Burnout - it is traditional to organize small ones Game Jam where the employees of the software house gather in different teams to create simple games in a few days. This time, the last Game Jam was organized in remote and has become the theater of a new initiative in the name of charity.

Criterion Free is Bello Game JamEntering in this page you can not only download for free these 6 nice mini-projects developed during this creative marathon, but also make a small donation to various associations that in recent months have engaged in the fight against Coronavirus. Here is a short excerpt from the press release:

“As mentioned, this Game Jam is different from what is normally organized in Criterion, and not just because we have decided to publish these games to the public. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this jam was organized and carried out remotely.

The strength of a Game Jam lies in the proximity of the participants: with the desks that are attached to each other and where the ideas are put on the table quickly, and then take shape.

This time, however, this jam was mainly held within Zoom or Slack. Fortunately, the Criterion team have improved their relationship with asynchronous work remotely, and have managed to work with these limitations as well.

After all, limitations develop creativity. "