After shocking the American community of Super Smash Bros. the Scandal SmashGate it has also invaded other communities in the fighting scene, even going so far as to compromise EVO Online scheduled for August.

Speaking of the biggest fighting game, the organization's CEO, Joey Cuellar (also called Mr. Wiz) was initially suspended and subsequently removed from his role, following some charges of sexual abuse that occurred years earlier.

As a result of this, many players have canceled their participation in EVO Online (SonicFox first among all). Likewise, various software houses have canceled their presence at the tournament. Among these we find Bandai NamcoNetherealm Studios Capcom:

The situation worsened so much that the organization was forced to cancel the event and to work even more to improve the competitive environment and safeguard their participants.

Have we reached the point of no return? What will become of one of the most known and seen eSportive competitions in the world? And what will the members of the various communities do? Will they be able to recover from this storm?