Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that Dead Cells has officially passed the milestone of 3 million copies sold globally.

Launched on the market now two years ago, more precisely on 7 August 2018, the metroidvania title has been able to conquer a decidedly wide audience of fans. To “celebrate” the occasion, the developers announced the launch of Update 19 on the console, already available on PC. Through the latter updating some changes are made to the use of weapons such as crossbows and a restyling of the economic system present within the title.

Here is a short list of what has changed:
- The downsizing of gold is gone, long life to small numbers!
- The price has changed for a good number of items
- To replace the downsizing of gold, the gear price now increases with the item level
- Refining and relaunching costs have changed
- Store categories are now statistics rather than equipment type
. The store reroll is now free, but it makes the sale items more expensive

For the more curious we recommend going to the page dedicated to Patch Notes.