Hyper scapeThere has been speculation for a long time on the existence of a battle royale by Ubisoft and the French company itself had made no secret in the past of looking with curiosity at the genre of the moment. Now the times are finally ripe and the arrival of Hyper Scape is now imminent.

The rumors about the title chased throughout the day today and were definitively confirmed in a teaser site accessible at this address, where a fictitious company called is presented Prisma Dimensions, complete with a fake introduction by an equally fictitious CEO.

This company would be the organizer of the clashes that will take place in the arenas of Hyper scape:

“On July 2nd, Prisma Dimensions will be pleased to show the world the first version of Hyper Scape. And with it, the pulsating action of Corsa alla corona! Get ready to descend the bright streets of the world's first virtual city, Neo Arcadia. You will have to start off on the right foot to have an extra gear and take advantage of the other challengers as much as possible. Only the best will reach the final showdown. Will you win or succumb to the dangers of Hyper Scape? "

We will have to wait a few more days then to be able to take a first look at the game that promises to be like an attempt to refresh the battle royale genre with new mechanics and a strong integration with the Twitch streaming platform.

In the meantime, you can register for the closed beta by logging in to This Page.