The imminent landing of Catherine: Full Body on Nintendo Switch it seems to entail several controversies. Atlus, the publisher of the title in question, has indeed imposed bans and complaints quite heavy against the version arriving on the market in the coming days.

According to what emerged from the site of the Japanese company, video and audio content shot directly from the game they cannot be used for profit. It will therefore be necessary to verify how such material can be demonetized directly by the video sharing and streaming platforms. Restrictions also for image sharing: the players they will not be able to publish images or footage from the sixth day of the campaign up to, obviously, the end of the story. This situation is therefore very similar to what happened with the various English versions of Persona 5.

This behavior by Atlus is at least difficult to understand. Catherine: Full Body is not really a "new" video game as it has already been published on other platforms.