It is now The Last of Us 2, but until a few months ago the web hit was Death Stranding, the atypical game of Hideo Kojima that has made so much discussion of himself. The title will arrive on July 14 on PC, but the author wanted again tease fan fantasies with two mysterious photos.

In this first photo Kojima shows his work station, but what immediately catches the eye is the fetal baby, just like you used to see Bridge Baby in Death Stranding. On the back of his head is a spaceship.

Then there is this other photo, with different elements, but above all again a spaceship with on it, if zoomed sufficiently, "Bridges", clear reference to the protagonist of the game mentioned above.

The web obviously started to go wild, among those who think they are actually clues to a possible Death Stranding 2 and who believes them only Easter Eggs. A few days ago the official account of Kojima Productions had anticipated news coming soon... what should we expect?