Xbox Lockhart
A mock-up hypothesizes the forms of Lockhart.

After the presentation of Xbox Series X there has often been rumors about a cheaper and more compact version of the same, perhaps All Digital, to meet all budgets. Although there have never been official confirmations, some clues scattered here and there have hinted as this version, codenamed Xbox Lockhartactually existed.

The last of these comes from official Microsoft documents: in the Gamecore Development Kit, which the company periodically updates, made a clear reference to Xbox Lockhart as one of two performance profiles available within the Scarlett family, or that of the next generation of Xbox consoles.

The different profiles usually represent the performance targets reachable from a console and are a tool to help developers with optimizing their titles for the chosen platform. Obviously this is not yet something concrete that officially confirms the existence of another version of Xbox (maybe marketed as S series), but there is still another clue to keep an eye on.

To find out more, we will have to wait the Microsoft event scheduled for the month of July, where the main focus will remain the exclusive first party, but it is said that we cannot expect some surprise announcements.