In the 90s it often happened, especially in racing games, to work so hard to find a way to get off the track to make the presence of glitches almost a side fun. The developers of Star Wars Episode I: Racer they may have had the same interpretation.

The title, recently distributed on Nintendo Switch via eShop, seems to be afflicted by the same problems as the original version launched at the time on Nintendo 64. A user has discovered the glitch in question, has taken it up and published directly on Reddit, arousing the interest of several onlookers.

An interesting glitch I found on Star Wars Racer Back When I was a kid on the N64. That I found it can be replicated on the Switch That version was released today. It gives an awesome view that you were never meant to see. from NintendoSwitch

Through the glitch in question it is possible exit the established route and explore a portion of the map not accessible in Star Wars Episode I: Racer, finally reaching the immensity of the cosmic void.