No More Heroes 3 continues to show itself to the public in a naughty way during the New Game + Expo. In this short video we get a little taste of the new chapter starring Travis Touchdown. There is only one problem: Suda51 covers the whole view.

And we are two trolls in a row: a few weeks ago, a little one screenshot of the title had been covered by an action figure of Mister MiGuardi di Rick & Morty.

Despite the cumbersome madman, it is not difficult to identify some of the novelties of the new title of Grasshopper Manufacture. In what we might call the new graphical interface of the game, we can see the return of the skills introduced in the spin-off Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. Also the combo finisher that can be activated via i motion controls, although it will be necessary to understand how this feature will be translated during the game sessions in portable mode di Nintendo Switch.

At the moment, No More Heroes 3 does not yet have a release date but we will keep you updated on the latest news related to Goichi's latest project "Suda51".