FortniteLast week, Fortnite players began to notice the disappearance of police cars from the game map. The change, as reported by Kotaku, would have been applied with the arrival of the new season.

Users on Reddit, over the days, have noticed that law enforcement cars have been replaced by civilian vehicles and that even in the Creative mode these can no longer be spawned.

Asked directly about it, Epic wanted to decline any comment on the story, even if an internal source confirmed to Wall Street Journal that the change is an intentional response to the assassination of George Floyd and the consequent grievances against the acts of violence perpetrated by the US police.

In all likelihood, the company wants to prevent players from having fun shooting videos that use police cars to target other players: it is not yet possible to use the vehicles in Fortnite, but it has been confirmed that this possibility will be introduced later in the course of the possible season.