Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, the new peculiar title of the saga made in Square Enix, will also be available on European soil.

After having sparked quite a few controversies given its nature from rhythm game, but still canonical, the new adventure of Sora and companions has also been confirmed for the West. The news comes directly from Square Enix thanks to the trailer and the official press release reported here.

“Fans will have the chance to relive their favorite moments like they never have. Players will be able to travel between the iconic Disney worlds, join forces with those of Disney characters while enjoying the unforgettable soundtrack of the series - as well as timeless classic tracks from Disney cinema. »

Melody of Memory will include 20 characters and over 140 tracks chosen from all the Kingdom Hearts chapters to be tackled both in single player and in multiplayer. An operation that closely resembles the two Theatrhythm Final Fantasy released on Nintendo 3DS.

The title is expected this year on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.