Continue our coverage of the event EA Play, the annual event dedicated to new products Electronic Arts. Among the various announcements made during this nightly conference, the Indie new projects related to the program made a small mention EA Originals, first of all It Takes Two: the new game by Josef fares.

As in the case of A Way Out, we are talking about a new action-focused title Co-op between two players, contextualized within a platform set in the mind of a little girl looking for a safe place during the divorce of her parents. According to Fares, It Takes Two will bring the player a perfect balance between mechanical narrative, proposing a title never seen before.

Lost in Random, title developed by Zoink Games arriving in 2021, it will instead tell the story of two of two dice: if the first mentioned in the trailer is able to change the fate of all living beings, the dice that will accompany the protagonist of this action title has the power to overturn the situation. In both cases, the random factor it will not only be a main component of the gameplay, but also of the title narrative.

The latest title in the EA Originals rundown is Rocket Arena di Final Strike Games. This new one TPS Arena it seems to scream competitively from all its pores. The rules are simple: 3-on-3 confrontations in which various heroes fight each other with rockets in face, collecting coins and power-ups to moving through the classics rocket jump. The title will come next July 14 2020 su PC (both Origins and Steam), Xbox OnePlayStation 4.

In short, albeit with few titles, too the indies get some love and support by Electronic Arts, and we like this.