Horizon Forbidden West will not have loading screens on PS5 thanks to the SSD of the Sony console, the confirmation of the game director arrives.

The news comes directly from the director Mathijs de Jonge which, in a new video published by Sony, unbuttons on the power of the next-gen license plate Sony. You can find the video below:


«With the PlayStation 5 SSD there will be virtually no loading screens, so in an open world game like Horizon Forbidden West, if you open the map and take a quick trip from one point to another or start again from a checkpoint, it will be extremely fast. When you start the game, you are straight into the action. Thanks to the additional power of PlayStation 5 we can also make that world even more detailed, more vibrant and more engaging ».

These are the words of the director of Guerrilla games.

Are you ready to live the new adventures of Aloy? You just have to wait for 2021.