Some time ago Nintendo e LEGO have announced the sets dedicated to Super Mario and today, through a press release, the two companies showed all the sets available at the preorder, from the starter pack to the expansions, all with relative prices.

Today LEGO Group has unveiled the entire product line for its LEGO® Super Mario ™ experience. Fans will be able to enrich the LEGO® Super Mario ™ products presented in April with new ones Expansion Pack and with Collectible Characters Pack e Power-Up Packs. The result of a unique partnership with Nintendo, LEGO® Super Mario ™ revolutionizes the way people interact with Super Mario ™, bringing it into the physical world. The products presented today give fans the chance to build the Mario ™ home, search for the treasure hidden by Toad and defeat a Koopa Troopa in the guarded Fortress. And of course that's not all!

The partnership was announced earlier this year and the fun was revealed in April Mario's Adventures - Starter Pack together with the first two Expansion Pack. The Starter Pack is there key to unlock the whole game, as it is the only set to contain the interactive LEGO® Mario ™ character, capable of collecting coins in game levels created with LEGO bricks. LEGO® Super Mario ™ brings it that way new ways to interact and play in the traditional experience with LEGO bricks.

All sets contain a unique set of challenges and characters, with which fans can play together with their friends or challenge each other. In addition to Piranha Plant Slide - Expansion Pack and Final Battle at Bowser Castle - Expansion Pack announced in April, the Expansion Pack line will include: Guarded Fortress - Expansion Pack, Mario and Yoshi's House - Expansion Pack, Toad's Treasure Hunt - Expansion Pack, Desert Marghibruco - Expansion Pack, Trouble at Whomp Fortress - Expansion Pack e Barrage of the Banzai Bill - Expansion Pack.

They present themselves today too ten enemy characters to collect, available in Character pack, surprise pack for an even more exciting experience. Each pack will contain a character to build and an action tag to play with… it could be a Paragoomba, Fuzzy, Spiny, Buzzy Beetle, Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Eep Cheep Cheep, Blooper, Urchin o Peepa!

The Starter Pack contains seven action bricks to interact with the LEGO® Mario ™ character, who thanks to his LCD screens on the eyes, mouth and chest he is able to instantly show his reactions to the movement, color and actions of the bricks. In May LEGO Group e Nintendo they also presented a series of Power-Up Packs - including Mario cat e Mario Manufacturer - to increase the possibilities of play with a variety of suits for LEGO® Mario ™, each of which gives him new features and powers.

"With today's announcement, 16 LEGO® Super Mario ™ sets have been unveiled and I can't wait to find out how people's gaming possibilities will be enhanced with these sets and exclusive Power-Up Packs," he said. declared Takashi Tezuka, Nintendo Co. Executive Officer and Game Producer “Each player's tastes and imagination are different. By adding the LEGO bricks they already own to the Starter Pack and the different LEGO® Super Mario ™ Expansion Packs, people will be able to create different LEGO® Mario ™ worlds and, with them, continue to have more and more fun. "

"The reaction to LEGO® Super Mario ™ has been incredible," he said Jonathan Bennink, LEGO® Super Mario Digital Design Lead from the LEGO Group. “Super Mario ™ is such an icon! Fans were really careful about the release of all the details of the product line. Our entire range - from the Starter Pack to the Power Up Packs, through the Expansion Packs and the Character Packs - has been designed to bring Super Mario ™, his friends and… his enemies to life. We love the creativity of Nintendo and LEGO fans and look forward to freeing their imagination by interacting with Super Mario ™ in the real world. "

Fans will also love thefree LEGO® Super Mario ™ app, created by LEGO Group to further enhance the physical gaming experience. The app keeps track of scores to encourage ongoing reconstruction and furthermore provides: digital instructions, thanks to the zoom and rotation visualization they facilitate the construction; creative suggestions on how to build and play; a secure forum to share ideas with friends.

The complete assortment of LEGO® Super Mario ™ will be launched onAugust 1th, 2020, but fans can already pre-order Mario's Adventures - Starter Pack on and at select select leading retailers around the world (subject to availability).

Complete list of products and prices recommended to the public:

Starter Pack

  • 71360 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Mario Adventures - Starter Pack (59,99 EUR)

Expansion Pack

  • 71362 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Guarded Fortress - Expansion Pack (49,99 EUR)
  • 71363 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Desert Marghibruco - Expansion Pack (19,99 EUR)
  • 71364 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Trouble at the Whomp Fortress - Expansion Pack (19,99 EUR)
  • 71365 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Piranha Plant Slide - Expansion Pack (29,99 EUR)
  • 71366 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Banzai Bill Barrage - Expansion Pack (29,99 EUR)
  • 71367 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ House of Mario and Yoshi - Expansion Pack (29,99 EUR)
  • 71368 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Toad Treasure Hunt - Expansion Pack (69,99 EUR)
  • 71369 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Final Battle at Bowser Castle - Expansion Pack (99,99 EUR)
  • 71376 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ The Fall of the Thwomp - Expansion Pack (39,99 EUR - available only at select retailers)
  • 71377 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ King Boo and the Haunted Yard- Expansion Pack (49,99 EUR- available only at select retailers)

Power-up Packs

  • 71370 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Mario Fire Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)
  • 71371 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Mario Propeller Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)
  • 71372 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Mario Cat Power-Up Pack (9,99 EUR)
  • 71373 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Mario Power-Up Pack Builder (9,99 EUR)

Character pack

  • 71361 - LEGO® Super Mario ™ Character Pack (3,99 EUR)

What do you think? You will buy one of the sets LEGO of Super Mario?