Mistakes can happen to everyone, and sometimes they can too cost you the job. Today we talk about how someone lost their role to Ubisoft, after leaking - by mistake - a build of Gods and Monsters, the Open World title announced for the first time during the last E3 2019. The most absurd thing is that the leak came from Ubisoft itself after making a demo called "Orpheus".

In this short video first appeared on Twitter - and promptly removed from Ubisoft - we have the first taste of what could be the new adventure title of the French software house. Undoubtedly, Gods and Monsters takes inspiration for some of its mechanics from The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, even coming up with a photocopy in mythological sauce.

Among the less smiling notes, this title also seems to have a system of evaluate in-game, for this demo capped at 99999 unit. Also this title will support the microtransactions? It is still early to say.