From today, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can explore the latest add-on content from the Bethesda MMORPG. Moreover The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor will arrive on Google Stadia starting from June 16 2020.

The rise of an ancient evil
A terrible monster army led by a vampire lord has awakened from the depths of Blackreach. With vampires ready to devour souls to fuel their rebirth, it's up to Skyrim's heroes like Lyris Titanborn, one of the favorite characters of the base game players, to bring back the light and reveal the dark heart of Skyrim.

The hidden story of Tamriel
Insieme a Greymoor the new Antiquities system also arrives, which allows players to discover the hidden story of Tamriel by bringing them in search of unique collectibles, treasures and powerful mythical objects, and provides rewards for all types of players. Thanks to this huge system not dedicated to combat, players will be able to go beyond the borders of the western region of Skyrim and throughout Tamriel to unearth ancient relics and become world-renowned archaeologists.

New world events
The chapter Greymoor it will also bring the new Harrowstorm world events, tremendous supernatural storms that torment the people of Skyrim. Players will need to work together to deal with the harrowstorm pitfalls and stop the vampires who threaten Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is purchasable individually a € 39,99 for all players already in possession of the basic title. For those who approach the game in question for the first time, it is possible to obtain the complete and updated package at € 69,99.