Ikumi Nakamura, this has been known for a long time, would like to work on a sequel to Okami. The successful title over the course of almost 15 years since its publication, has become a classic in the Japanese sector of the early years of the new millennium. Almost inexplicable that such a title has not yet received a sequel.

The creative director, during an interview with the microphones of IGN Japan, has revealed that he has every intention of presenting the Okami 2 project directly to Capcom.

“It is the project that I want to achieve the most. After the quarantine is over and the world is back to normal, I plan to visit Capcom and pitch the idea. But if that happens, the most important thing is that Hideki Kamiya directs. "

Will Nakamura be persuasive enough to convince Capcom and bring even the busy Kamiya into the project?