Like every next-gen, the first few years of a new console will have the same feeling of the former, both in terms of performance that of graphic rendering. According to Phil Spencer, too Xbox Series X is no exception.

Xbox Series XDuring his podcast talk Talking Games With Reggie And Harold of New York Videogame Critics Circle, the favorite PR of fans of the Microsoft console continued to support that the console is capable of reaching 120 FPS (also talking about how the fluidity of a title contributes to the immersion of a title), but it is up to the developers to choose whether to exploit the hardware or not. Considering also that the first Microsoft titles for Xbox Series X will also be compatible with Xbox One, it will take some time to see the true power of "Scarlett".

In addition, we have come to talk about the crisis within the Xbox Team during the current generation, after the various controversies and questionable market choices:

“The team had lost confidence in the company's capabilities and commitment to this sector and our decisions. Rebuilding that trust in the company was important. "