2020 will be the launch year of Xbox Series Xdespite the difficult period we are experiencing because of Covid-19. Microsoft's plans have therefore adapted to this "new normal" and all this has not been easy, as Phil Spencer himself explained in an interview with with the BBC.

The world situation, with the economic crisis accentuated in recent months, led the Redmond company to several choices, as told by Spencer:

We are in a period of great economic uncertainty. We witness layoffs and bankruptcies every day. It's hard. We take care of people's free time. We are not a basic necessity. We are neither food nor a roof for people. So we want the launch to be in tune with the current situation.

How can we make fun as cheap as possible? We will still offer the Xbox All Access membership allowing you to purchase a console in monthly installments, including the Xbox Game Pass. And in case someone is not the right time to buy a new console, wanting to continue playing with the one you have, we will continue to support the old consoles too.

Our strategy is focused on the experience of the players and not on the hardware. If a family can't buy a new Xbox this year that's fine, our strategy won't be based on how many consoles we'll sell this year.

A change of vision appropriate to the historical context of this 2020, with Microsoft that will launch the Xbox Series X but that will also continue to support Xbox One and its variants. Maybe, as already said earlier, we will see the real next-gen in a long time.