CrucibleCrucible did not start exactly with the favors of the public and, after a few weeks, it is already time to patch up a situation that is certainly not rosy.

The multiplayer title of Amazon Game Studios, in addition to a problematic launch, he immediately showed his side, the victim of a not exactly memorable technical realization and a general lack of bite in the gameplay phases.

The developers then decided that the time had come to get back to work before hitting the bottom: with a note published on the official website, the team reported that the game will be "paused", remaining in the pre-season until the scheduled changes have been made.

Relentless Studios has in mind to drastically change the focus of the game starting from its basic structure, for this Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters modes will be cut and all attention will be focused on Heart of the Hives, which will remain the only one available.

"Focusing on one mode allows us to refine the game's basic mechanics design without the compromises we would have to make to support three", has explained Colin Johanson, member of the team.

The Crucible change will develop into two phases: in the first, basic functions will be added to the game, such as a ping system, a possible mini-map and a rendering function. In the second, however, we will work on the actual finishing of the game, with attention to optimizing the experience and social functionality.

It remains to be seen whether all these measures will be enough to lift the title after an extremely disappointing launch.