They have passed well two years since we talked aboutRPG based on the world of Harry Potter, a huge project (at least from what is said) and still shrouded in mystery. In these hours we return to talk about this project, albeit in an absolutely unofficial form: a user Reddit in fact, he published a lot of information, declaring to work in the marketing department of Warner Bros.

The release period of this game, whose title would be Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, would be June 2021 with reveal in the coming weeks. The creation of the character will allow a lot of personalization, starting from sex, and we will take on the role of a fifth year student who moved to Hogwarts from another school for an unspecified reason. With our decisions we can forging character and decide whether to be a muggle, a half-breed or a thoroughbred, until graduation.

The same home can be selected at the beginning and this will also lead to different quests throughout history: our rival will not be part of our own home and the clash with him will lead to several deaths of more or less important characters, based on the way we operate. The story will take place many years after the main one, even after the graduation of Harry's children and other characters. The main villain will be very powerful, but not at Voldemort's level, and he is a former Death Eater; however, everything is meant to be a franchise with several sequels.

Throughout history several historical figures will appear, like Harry Potter himself, and you can unlock many skills with bonuses and malus through a very elaborate skill tree. There will also be some sort of Karma System that will make our character grow as a good or bad wizard based on our actions.

The fights will be spectacular but at the same time reasoned: it will not be enough to press frantically on the attack button, but strategies must be adopted and magic managed better. The enemies will have a Nemesis System like Middle-earth: The Shadow of War, with creatures that will remember us and that can become our allies or bitter enemies.

Exploration is also very important, with four different huge and detailed hubs: among these we find Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, the Ministry of Magic and a quarter not revealed. However, everything will be dark with atmospheres designed for an adult audience and not for children: Warner Bros. would have developed everything for those kids who grew up with books and movies, now become adults. For this reason, a classification of at least type T is assumed, but M is also considered given the violence and the issues addressed.

Also present is the sport most loved by magicians, the Quidditch, with well-defined rules and tournaments to win to earn points for your home. There will also be a thick card game similar to GWENT. Also at some point in the campaign we will take on the role of the main antagonist: no more details, but from what has been revealed it will be a big surprise for fans of the franchise. When we play the role of an Auror, the gameplay and the missions will turn to the style of LA Noire investigations; finally the sentimental element will not be missing either, with the possibility of getting married once the endgame is reached.

A lot of really interesting information, which describes a deep and spectacular game. Who knows which of these many innovations are true, if any, of them is actually true: in any case this Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy it could prove to be a perfect game for brand lovers.