Square Enix is engaging in Develop of a action game, most likely expected for the next generation of consoles.

The software house has on its side a new collaborator this time, who answers the name of Ryota Suzuki.

This information was revealed by one recruitment PR page for the Japanese company, where the search for developers with a lot of experience and skills in triple A titles, and especially in the development of action scenes and battles.

The profile of Ryota Suzuki, therefore, proves itself perfect to meet these Square Enix demands: Suzuki worked in Capcom as responsible for the gameplay of Dragon's Dogma, game design manager of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, designer in Devil May Cry 5 and collaborator in the programming of Monster Hunter World (Iceborn inclusive).

The PR page also includes one short interview with the developer, who claims that Square Enix has decided to focus more on action-based titles, in order to satisfy the current trendsthe; this is because, according to Suzuka, many of the younger players, grown up with various Grand Theft Auto and first person shooters, may not like and play old-fashioned role-playing games, based on statistics and little dynamic gameplay.

Therefore, Square Enix's priority is to develop a High quality RPG, but with valuable action elements.

Waiting to find out what this action game is (which could be Final Fantasy 16?), you agree on the choice made by the famous software house?