After being one of the most viewed films in the main VOD platforms - as the first Italian high-budget feature to be streamed directly, contributing to the campaign #I stay at home - A son named Erasmus also lands in the rooms starting from first of July. A boost in support of this not simple restart, therefore, but also an opportunity to review, or see for the first time on the big screen, the first film production Eagle Pictures with protagonists Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu, Ricky Memphis e Daniele Liotti.

In this exciting and somewhat nostalgic work, four friends in their forties meet in Portugal, 20 years after the Erasmus made in Lisbon, to face an unexpected journey to discover a secret that could completely change the life of one of their. Alberto ferrari (Between two women, The third star) directs the poker of protagonists, flanked by a rising star of Portuguese cinema, Filipa Pinto (The man who killed Don Quixote) and a fascinating return to the big screen, Carol Alt.

A son named Erasmus will be distributed from July 1, 2020 da Eagle Pictures.


Four forty-year-old friends - Pietro, Enrico, Ascanio and Jacopo - are called to Lisbon for the funeral of Amalia, the woman whom all four loved when they were Erasmus students in Portugal. Amalia has left an unexpected legacy: a son conceived with one of them. But who is the father? Waiting for the DNA test results, the four friends decide to go in search of this mysterious XNUMX-year-old son and embark on a daring and exciting journey through Portugal together with a girl who offers to help them.