In recent years, the latest distributions Linux they have come ever closer to the needs of the general public. Among many, the gaming PC on operating systems other than Windows has made great strides both thanks to the intervention of Valve with their compatibility layer Proton, both thanks to the community that has been able to come up with solutions like DXVK, lutris and recently Gameros.

GamerOS SteamBased on Arch Linux - one of the most stable and performing Linux distributions out there - GamerOS offers itself as an alternative plug and play to the now deceased SteamOS Valve, thus acting as an operating system exclusively dedicated to the game.

Among the many innovations introduced with the latest version, we have the presence of the latest drivers Nvidia ed AMD, the new kernel Linux 5.6.15 and the new version of the retrogaming platform RetroArch. The latter is contained within Steam buddy, a web application that allows the start of programs not present on Valve's digital delivery platform.

GamerOS Steam Buddy

If you are interested in this operating system, you will find more information on the page GitHub of the developer.