As is now known, periodically l'Epic Games Store gives away games with no cash outlay, often large titles as happened lately with GTA V, just to mention one of the last, or how it will happen with A Total War Saga: Troy, which at dayone will be freely downloadable by everyone.

This move is certainly useful for the store to grow and attract users, but in the words of Tim Sweeney, the founder and CEO of Epic Games, giving games is a practice that has done and is doing well for the same titles on other stores too.

These are his words to the microphones of GameSpot:

The agreement we make with the developers is this: we pay him to have the right to publish his game for free for a week.

In this way people can try a wide range of titles: if you don't like games like Satisfactory, for example, you will never spend money to buy it, but if you get it for free maybe you try it and you realize that it's a fantastic game instead . In this way, therefore, we have helped the games and their developers to grow in popularity. Most of the games published for free in the store have seen their sales grow on Steam and on consoles after being free on the Epic Games Store.

Indeed there are many who, although a game is not of interest to them, have the opportunity to have one more title in their library, completely free of charge. Trying the game, then, you could think again and start attend forums, dedicated groups again and recommend the title to other people who, now finished the offer on the Epic Games Store, will go to buy the game on Steam or on console.

A maneuver that certainly brings benefits to everyone, Epic Games and developers, what do you think?