Path of ExileAs promised, Grinding Gear Games has announced the arrival of a new expansion for its celebrated ARPG, Path of Exile.

Harvest, this is the official title, will allow players to collect seeds and then plant them in a special map, Sacred Grove. Through these, once grown, you can fight and defeat specific enemies from which to collect the so-called Lifeforce with which to create powerful equipment.

In addition to a new league, the update contains new crafting options, eight new skills, two new support gems and a partial revamp of the Passive skill tree, with particular attention to two-handed weapons (redesign foreseen for some skills). Changes coming soon for Brand and Warcry by revamping existing ones and adding new ones.

Path of Exile: Harvest will arrive on PC on June 19 while on console we will have to wait for 24. It remains to be reported that this date may be postponed due to a slowdown in work due to the pandemic, as indicated by Grinding Gear Games itself in a previous communication.