As if the Coronavirus hadn't panicked the world, the protests which are taking place in America right now will further mark this 2020 hell. In light of these events, various software houses and members of the gaming industry have decided to support the movement #BlackLivesMatter:

Sony: “Being silent in the face of the violence and racism that the black community is going through is tantamount to indulging. Today, as always, we express solidarity with the community. "

Naughty Dog: “Now is not the time to remain silent. For too long too many people have suffered because of a systemic problem in America. Too many people have lost sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. We support the fight against racism and injustice with solidarity. "

In addition, both PlayStation and Naughty Dog have poured several donations for the various organizations that support this cause.

Sony is not the only one to take a position in this matter: Riot Games, Microsoft and Electronic Arts have also commented on their point of view on the protest: