Call of duty: Warzone, the battle royal of the famous Activision shooter, has a new mode, Duos. In it it will be possible play in pairs; in the scenario of Verdansk players will be able to fight other pairs and complete missions with the aim of remaining the last couple on the battlefield.

It will be possible either teaming up with a stranger or organizing to play with a friend. In the announcement of the new mode Activision he defined Duos as "The definitive test for teamwork and friendship".


As in the other team modes, it will be possible to help your partner if he falls under enemy fire. In case, however, it is not possible, the player will be sent to the Gulag, where he will have to win one-on-one battles in order to return to the game. If the player is defeated in this match, he can still be recovered from the Buy Station. Always have the chance to continue the game alone, fighting against other couples.