Have you ever wondered why, suddenly, a Villager of Animal Crossing: New Horizons decide to leave your island? "It's my fault? Maybe I annoyed him with all those nets in his face " it must have been your first question. In reality the question is much more complicated than it seems, and involves an old knowledge of any video game: the good old factor random.

Animal Crossing New Horizons VillagerThrough the DATAMINE implemented by the user Ninji, the community has managed to decipher the criteria that manage this mechanic of the last chapter of the series Nintendo. And although this datamine goes back to version 1.2.0, Ninji has confirmed that this process is also present in the latest version of the game.

Here's how the game handles your neighbors' departures:

  • The game checks whether or not a player has at least 5 villager;
  • On any day, the chance that a villager asks the player to leave the island is equal to the number of villagers things considered the number of days after the last time the player was invited to leave.

To these two premises, two further conditions must be added, which act as cooldown:

  • No villager will ask you to leave for at least 5 days since the last time;
  • No villager will ask you to leave for 15 days if someone has left a piece of land empty;
  • Once these two checks are passed, the game will choose a villager with the lowest friendship value.

Finally, a villager will not be considered if:

  • Her home has been moved;
  • He celebrated his birthday in the past 7 days;
  • The player asks the latter to stay;
  • He has just moved.

In short, the science inside Animal Crossing is more complicated than it seems and it will certainly not be a net in the head to make your loved one run away Raynold from your heaven on earth.