Tripwire Interactive announced that starting today Maneater, the first open world ShArkPG, is available for purchase on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Maneater is a single player title, open-world action-RPG (ShARkPG) where YOU are a shark. Starting as a small bull shark cub you will have to survive the hard world to make your way into the ecosystem. To do this, you will explore a vast and varied open world by meeting different enemies - both human and wild. Find the right resources to grow and evolve far beyond what nature would allow you to create the shark that best suits your style of play. This is good, because you can finally take revenge on the cruel fisherman who tried to dismember you, becoming a huge shark, a legendary predator. He eats. Explore. Evolve.

Key features:
· He eats: feed on humans, consume nutrients and find rare loot to evolve beyond what nature would allow you.
· Explore the gulf: Explore seven major regions, including gulf coast bays, resort beaches, industrial piers, the open ocean and more. Experience a living world with a complete day / night cycle.
· Evolve into a legend: Unlock a variety of different evolutions by improving and empowering your shark in the campaign.
· A unique story: play a full story told by Chris Parnell (Rick and Morty, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock) against the backdrop of a reality TV show.
· Diversified and addicting combat: fight fierce wild predators or against various types of human hunters.