Every two or three months fans from all over the world seem to question the state of play behind Bayonetta 3. The deafening silence of Platinum Games and Nintendo is interrupted, as usual, only from the statements of Hideki Kamiya, producer of the title in question.

During an interview given to microphones by VGC, the Japanese game designer has kept us from reiterating that the project has not been absolutely canceled, but rather the work is going hard.

“On Twitter I see many comments every day. I'm glad there's still interest in the title, but I'm worried that people are starting to wonder if the game has been canceled. I want you guys to take all the worries and immediately throw them out the window because we are still at work and we can't wait to show you! "

Colorful as always, Kamiya once again reassures fans. We hope that by now the first true reveal of Bayonetta 3 is missing, the logo of which was only shown two years ago.