On May 14, Twitch announced with a blog post the creation of the Twitch Safety Advisory Council, an advisory institution aimed at making the platform more livable.

The stated objectives of the Committee are:

  • Draw up the new policies and the new updates
  • Develop products and features that help platform security and moderation
  • Promote healthy habits regarding streaming and the life-work relationship
  • Protect the interests of marginalized groups
  • Identify new trends that may impact the user experience on Twitch

The composition of the Committee is extremely heterogeneous. They range from important academics like Sameer Hinduja (professor of criminology and cyberbullying expert) e TL Taylor (professor of comparative media studies at MIT) to internet communication professionals such as Emma Llansò (director of the Center for Democracy & Tecnology) is Alex Holmes (founder of the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors project). But there is also an important presence of streamers coming directly from the platform, such as CohhCarnage, Cupahnoodle, Zizaran e FerociouslySteph.

Just the latter streamer was the cause of one, however controversy that has developed within the community of Twitch, especially on Reddit. Steph has in the past starred in very direct exits and little suited to an institutional role, according to many users. In a May 19 note, Twitch, to protect itself, stressed that:

“The members of the committee will not make decisions on moderation [...]. They are not Twitch employees and do not speak on behalf of the company. Even if we consider their opinions and their right to express them valuable, they are independent individuals with ideas not necessarily shared by Twitch. "

Despite this, the company has confirmed full confidence in the Committee and in its work.