The Culling: Origins is recently available on Xbox One and will subsequently also be distributed on PC, and has already been overwhelmed by a shower of controversy related to his system of monetization Pay-to-Play. To respond to these controversies, the director of the Xaviant title - Josh Van Veld - came to the forefront during an interview with PC Gamer.

According to him, the team was initially worried the possible crowding of the servers by players who, subsequently, would not have made any purchase, coming to implement the controversial system. System that, since the launch, has been modified giving every day 10 free tokens for online matches. According to Veld, this solution would not have been implemented if the title had been supported by a company Triple A rather than from a developer independent with - unfortunately - fewer resources.

Although this motivation is sensible from one point of view financial, The Culling: Origins model remains bizarre and potential previous that we could - unfortunately - review in the future, perhaps implemented by a certain EA.