Il Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription service for the Japanese hybrid console, has reached and exceeded the quota 15 millions of subscribers, but the company has no intention of stopping here.

The President Shuntaro Furukawa indeed declared that in the future the service will be improved and that we will see news about; here are his words:

“We will add elements that will make the games even more fun and increase the attractiveness towards the same subscription. In this way we hope to continue to grow the service by making Nintendo Switch an even more pleasant and convenient console for users. "

Compared to what Sony and Microsoft offer, certainly the Nintendo Switch Online is much less attractive, but on the other hand the price is much more permissive, with only 20 euro a year for a single subscription and 35 for the family one, with a divisible cost of up to eight members.

What will be these news that will make the even better subscription? What would you like to be implemented?