By now all fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons know Ninji, the known DataMiner who since the launch of the game has been digging through the game codes in search of as much information as possible. After discovering the insect appearance rate last month, in the last few hours he has been busy trying to find i appearance criteria of special characters on their own island. As usual, the results have been posted on Twitter and we can take a look at them.

Here are all the details discovered by Ninji:

  • Every week, as long as we have met the prerequisites, we are sure to meet Sahara, Sciuscià and Florindo in the working days;
  • I two slots at the weekend they can be occupied randomly by Gulliver, Beatrice, Castorino, Ivano or Volpolo;
  • To prevent bad luck, characters who don't appear in a week have priority in the next;
  • Celeste appears in the days with the meteor showers and is independent of the other inhabitants. If more than one occurs in a single week, he will choose a random one;
  • Spirideo always appears in a random day.

If you are trying to bring up a certain special Animal Crossing New Horizons character and you can't, you probably just have to wait the following week.