If you are in that slice of people who have seen their experience on Call of duty warzone ruined by the cheaters, we have excellent news for you. The new anti-cheat system recently introduced by Infinity Ward it seems to be extremely effective in ruining the lives of all those who abuse software to increase their chances of victory. And these, especially the part that paid for them, they are very angry.

The system introduced to block the cheaters is very simple: from now on, the registration of a new Call of Duty Warzone account requires theauthentication via SMS, and if a profile is banned the same fate happens to the telephone number used to create it. If a fraudulent player is then suspended for use of cheats, he is blocked forever (unless buy a new SIM, in addition to the software).

Cheaters forums are now full of whining people that can't play anymore. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you, IW. from CODWarzone

The introduction of this system has infuriated the Call of Duty Warzone cheaters a lot. Many users on Reddit some have reported with some joy refund requests posed to cheat vendors, from buyers angry about the need to get new phone numbers to keep playing after the ban. The fury is understandable, considering that some software can cost too hundreds of dollars. Of course, everything could be solved by becoming better, but some are obviously not able to do it.