Needless to deny it, Anthem it was the biggest gaming splash of 2019, if not the entire generation. In February, the boss of Bioware Casey Hudson, had announced a complete redesign of the title from its foundations, explaining the plans of the software house in one post on the official blog.

A few months have passed since that announcement, but many more will have to go by before I get my hand on something concrete about it Anthem Next.

Christian Daley, director of the Bioware Austin studio and already responsible for developing several post-launch updates on the game, confirmed that he was in close contact with users to collect feedback and suggestions on how to fill Anthem's structural gaps. There is already a small group of 30 developers who is dealing with some changes to the prototype state and the team's idea is to share all progress with players and implementations on the game, even those that may not be part of the final product.

The reasons behind the small size of the development team were explained thus by Daley: "Yes, the team is small. But the whole purpose of this is to take our time and start over. A small team gives us the agility that a bigger one cannot offer ".

We will therefore have to wait a long time before we get our hands on the new Anthem. According to Daley it will be "A long process" who intend to carry on with maximum transparency. The best idea perhaps, in light of the period of crunch to which the team was forced in the period prior to the first launch of the game.